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BAMA Healthcare provides all medical devices and supplies that a physical therapy and rehabilitation hospital needs

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About Us

BAMA Technology was established in January 2010 in Ankara, Turkey with the support of KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization).

The main purpose of the company is to carry out technological R&D on Robotic Rehabilitation Systems.

BAMA is the first and only domestic manufacturer company working in the field of Robotic Rehabilitations in Turkey.

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Our Products

Medical Devices Designed and Manufactured for Excellence in Robotic Rehabilitation

RoboGait® - Robot Assisted Gait Therapy

Robogait® is a robot assisted walking rehabilitation system used to regain and develop walking ability in situations of loss of walking ability caused by traumatic brain and spine injuries, strokes, neurological or orthopaedic causes. Fundamental approach in the treatment is the movement of unfunctional lower extremities in normal walking pattern and performance of load transfer in a controlled way. A combined treatment is aimed with activation of neuronal road and walking performed with the control of robotic system.

VisioGait® - Partial Weight Supported Gait Therapy

VisioGait®; is a rehabilitation concept which is developed dedicatedly considering the losses emerged in patients after cerebrovascular accidents. VisioGait is a gait therapy system which shows effective results in treatment of plejia with the help of its ease of use and motivational power.

FreeGait® - Exoskeleton

FreeGait® is a robotic orthosis which enables remoblization and help rehabilitation of people who partially or completely lost their walking capability.

BAMA Healthcare

BAMA Healthcare provides all medical devices and supplies that a physical therapy and rehabilitation hospital needs

Cabin Areas

Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Combined Electrotherapy-ultrasound-vacuum, LL Lazer, Magnetotherapy, ESWT, Traction, HILT, Diathermy, Radar, Tecar

Rehabilitation Areas

Parallel Bar – Exercise Steps – Shoulder Pulley – Posture Mirror – Steps – Wall Bar – Bobath Bed – Therapy Bed – Balance Board – Hotpack – Coldpack – Paraffin Hand Rehabilitation Products

Hydrotherapy Areas

Tubs, Massage Units, Whirlpool Systems

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