VisioGait® - Partial Weight Supported Gait Therapy



VisioGait®; is a rehabilitation concept which is developed dedicatedly considering the losses emerged in patients after cerebrovascular accidents.

VisioGait is a gait therapy system which shows effective results in treatment of plejia with the help of its ease of use and motivational power. As it lets the patient to be taken under control, it makes the gait training to be conducted more easily for patients who underwent diseases that cause gait disorders such as motor neuron disease. VisioGait is developed with the collaborative work of physiotherapists and engineers with the aim of making the therapy easier and shorter for gait disorders.

Safety of the patient was made the number one priority in the transition period to therapy. With the combination of a strong harness system and a passive weight support system, an ergonomic weight balance system was created for the patient. This system allows weight-bearing and stance-balance control for the patient prior to the beginning of the therapy. Also, it becomes an ideal setting for treating variety of patients with different functional levels. With the help of two buttons on the remote control, system can be adjusted to be able to handle patients with different heights.

The gait speed can be adjusted according to the patient’s performance and type of therapy. In this manner, a treadmill which can also work in slow speeds is designed in the system. This treadmill also allows fine speed adjustments. With the combination of lifting system and treadmill, not only an ergonomic environment is created for gait therapy, the adequate environment for visual motivation system is laid.

The most innovative feature of VisioGait is its visual motivation system. A kinect device integrated on the system allows the patients movements to be transferred into the software which is specifically developed for the system. In this manner, there is no physical implementation needed on the patient whatsoever.

When amusement factor is added to the therapy for patients with cerebral palsy, gait training becomes more efficient and it is practicable in a longer manner. The desired endurance increase in most cases would be an unbidden factor with the help of the visual motivation system. System, with specific exercise options, is distinguished as an efficient way for rehabilitation, especially for patients with coordination problems. VisioGait is a product which could break down the idea that rehabilitation would be boring and depressing.

The software of VisioGait is different than standard rehabilitation game systems. It is developed specifically to make coordinated lower extremity movements easier, bring out active upper extremity movements and to make rehabilitation process more amusing. What is mentioned here is that this system is not one of the standard systems which uses the data it senses in standard games, but uses them to promote into coordinated movements desired by physiotherapists.

The system software is developed according to different therapy types and contains different games related to those types. Also this software can be continuously improved and its efficiency could be continuously increased. In this manner, VisioGait would be serving as a state of the art medical device only supported with software developments, without any mechanical changes needed.